We have been providing on-site repair services to private pinball owners in the Seattle metropolitan area for almost a decade, and really enjoy it! Machine repair services range from on-site flipper repair to off-site “shop jobs.” We do not do restorations.

You can also mail us your circuit boards for repair. Our custom bench test rigs can fully test most circuit boards for proper operation without being installed in a game. We are currently running a promo with free bench testing of circuit boards, you just cover shipping, only costs $ if we fix it.

Repair services are generally limited to Classic Bally/Stern, Williams, and Data East/Sega/Stern games made since 1976. No electro-mechanical pinballs (analog score reels), pachinko, bingos, video arcades, jukeboxes, etc.

Replace your batteries!
Broken subway microswitch.
A clean shooter lane feeder is key to reliable ball delivery to the shooter lane.
Custom WPC bench test rig.
Board trace repair.
Don’t worry, we’ll clean up!