Author: pinheadspinball

Bally Paragon

Issue: Game immediately tilts after feeding a ball to shooter lane. Fix: Cut shorted capacitor on tilt bob (this capacitor is not needed for the tilt bob to function, but should be replaced for proper tilt sensitivity).

Williams System 11B CPU Board

Issue: No background music. Fix: U42 (music control PIA) outputs test OK with Leon ROM but corrosion in area. Remove U41/42 PIAs, clean corrosion, and add sockets. No continuity from U42-16/17 to SRC3, fixed. Install new U41/42 PIAs. Remove U37 (LS138), clean corrosion, and add socket. Install new U37 chip.

Williams WPC Driver Board (Rottendog)

Issue: Client reports no 5VDC. Attempted to replace voltage regulator (U191), not completely installed. Fix: Removed U191, cleaned pins, and removed damaged pads. Re-installed U191 with jumpers where pads were removed, TP4 = 5.1VDC. Board passed general test (controlled lamps, solenoids, flashers, and GI).

Williams WPC Driver Board

Issue: Client reports game resetting. Bench test of drive board shows the following voltages, all of which are OK. TP1 = 12.6VDC TP2 = 5VDC TP3 = 12VDC TP8 = 19.3VDC Fix: Suspect bad grounding connection in game (screws, connectors, etc.) – replaced BR2, C5, and Q1 (with improved ground connection) anyways.

Bally Eight Ball Champ

Issue1: Won’t start a game. Fix1: Tilt bob stuck closed. Issue2: No sound. Fix2: Bad volume pot, replace with resistor of reasonable value (no replacement pot on-hand) Issue3: Some controlled lamps not working. Fix3: Replace bad bulbs and one socket.

Williams Theater of Magic

Issue1: Settings reset, corroded batteries. Fix1: Replaced battery holder and batteries. Issue2: Diagnostic switches not working. Fix2: Cleaned switches with rubbing alcohol. Issue3: Trunk hits not registering. Fix3: Adjusted eddy current sensor under playfield. Issue4: Trunk shot not registering jackpots. Fix4: Adjust subway microswitch.

Williams High Speed

Issue1: No kickback. Fix1: Clean mechanical assembly and adjust switch. Issue2: Ball stuck in locks, won’t kick out. Fix2: Replace bad fuse. Issue3: Left flipper lane change not working. Fix3: Fix end of stroke switch stack and fix reversed flipper pawl.